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Me, myself and I

Here it is in short how I began ...

My first encounter with computer was in 1993, when I started working on DECsystem-5000/240 with ULTRIX OS. I don't consider Amiga, C64 and similar gaming platforms as computers. So for the first year or two I was learning how to work on a computer.

Around 1995 I started to attend to college and worked on a PC for the first time. Then I see one disgusting operating system named DOS, you can only run one program at one time on it, terrible. But I also meet people who praised Windows as a gift from heaven, so I tried that too.

Then I realize DOS isn't that bad, there IS something worse... Sometimes I think I made a mistake when I started on UNIX like OS, because almost all operating systems are disgusting except those that are like UNIX.

At that time I got my first PC and installed Debian GNU Linux on it. I found DOS and Windows as potential gaming platforms and nothing else. Up till today they are still just for games regardless what other experts say.

After a while I came with nickname Lpiaf, mainly used for IRC (In French: Le Piaf - translated sparrow, from cartoon see picture below).

Le Piaf

List of some basic information about me:

First and last name:Silvio Klaic
Occupation:student forever
Zodiac sign:Ophiuchus
Hobbies sorted by priority:Programming, Electronics, Model building...
Favorite food:Anything that have normal taste when consuming
Favorite color:Lime... no, it's red... hmmmm not really maybe blue?
Favorite car:A car? No, only trucks and tanks are in option, it must have at least 10 tons and be armored if possible
Favorite operating system:Debian GNU Linux
Geek code information: -----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK-----
Version: 3.12
GAT dx s: a C++ UL++ P+ L+++ E W++ N+ o+ K w--
O M V PS+ PE- Y PGP+ t++ 5 X R+ !tv b+ DI- D++
G+ e++ h r-- y+

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