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Oron Helper - Greasemonkey script


Silvio Klaic:
I didn’t find useful existing helper scripts for Oron, like ones for RapidShare or MegaUpload.
So I wrote my own.
You can download it from here: oron_helper.user.js
or from:

Script does next stuff:

* Automatically click on Free download button (can be disabled in script options).
* Removes download delay.
* Automatically reload page after waiting time for next download elapsed.
* Showing countdown of waiting time in title (can be disabled in script options).
* Alerts you when captcha is ready (can be disabled in script options).
* Automatically starts to download (can be disabled in script options).For changing script options, you must edit script.

That link doesn't seem to work. Is your script still usable btw, Silvio? Or should I look for something else?

Silvio Klaic:
It is, but doesn't exists any more, so...
Fixed external link.

 It's the information I'm looking for as well.


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