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Welcome to freeware section, here are some of my freeware programs under GPL license mostly for Linux - UNIX and for other operating systems.

First of all, I apologize for my bad english.
I must say that I hate Windows in any formats (1.x,3.1x,9x,2000,ME,NT,XP,etc.)! Most software I wrote for Linux, but few are ported to DOS/Windows. My intention is to release source code under GPL license, so that you can modify or port it on any platform.
However some of them I can only release in binary form, because I delete source code. Depending on platform, there will be icon representing for what it can be used, like Linux ([For Linux]) , DOS/Windows ([For Windows]) or other... DOS/Windows software I wrote because some people who programming in Windows told me that programming on Unix platforms is easier than on Windows.
So I try programming in Windows and I didn't find anything difficult in that.
When I find some time to write readme and manuals, more programs coming... :-).


Miceks SAWMILL Theme

Screen shot-273 Kb
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[For Linux]
Miceks SAWMILL Theme
Tar-gzip archive file, 101489 hits so far.
File name: Micek-SAW_theme.0.1.tar.gz
File size:24.58 kB - 25165 Bytes Update: 18 May 2001
Md5sum: b84599ccbc87fd8dcac0a03e5bee4302

Miceks SAWMILL theme is addon to Miceks GTK theme.
This theme is based and created for the Miceks gtk theme and it's perfectly fit to it.
Use this theme on SAWMILL v0.20.1 (or higher?) window manager.
This theme is under GPL license. Background from screenshot is not included in this theme.
Of course I'm anime fan and I like this picture :-).


Screen shot-23 Kb
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[For Linux]
Source archive file, 101469 hits so far.
File name: httpaccess_0.0.5.tar.gz
File size:13.92 kB - 14249 Bytes Update: 2 Mar 2002
Md5sum: 61a7e2724d3950bca0dff757f90826df

Httpaccess is command line program for scanning httpd log.
It's used as opposite of similar cgi program which counts number of file downloads.
If you intend to use this program be aware that it can not update access count number to html file instantly like cgi.
You must manually or with some schedule program update html files.
But you can track absolute anything, pictures, wrong requests, etc., in one word: everything what's in log file.

News 2. Mar 2002:
  • Reduced status writing - faster work on slow terminals
  • Added quiet scan option for batch processing
  • Shorted long file names in writing status
News 2. Apr 2001: Fixed problem with garbage in string under update.c

CD Scan

Screen shot-44 Kb
Screen shot-14 Kb
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[For Linux]
CD Scan
Source archive file, 101472 hits so far.
File name: cdscan-0.2.tar.gz
File size:123.85 kB - 126821 Bytes Update: 7 Jun 2000
Md5sum: b493474aa7eae4b457536bdbc0557c13
[For Windows]
CD Scan for windows
Windows installation file, 101517 hits so far.
File name: cdscan10.exe
File size:891.33 kB - 912726 Bytes Update: 15 Jun 1998
Md5sum: 6564149834681089588b36a9fd903037

Cdscan is X based gtk program for scanning CD media.
This program I wrote prior to scan just burn broken CD to determine what aren't recorded on it and if possible record again what missing.

  • For scanning you can use any cdrom drive not necessary cd-recorder.
  • Gtk library v1.2.0 or higher, found at
  • Program must have read access to cdrom device.
Type of scanning:
  1. image of device - test image on cd media for errors.
  2. filesystem and files integrity - test data on directories and files.
  3. audio cd media - Not yet implemented! - test audio tracks.
  4. empty cd media - Not yet implemented! - test empty cd media. Possible only on cd-recorder.
Fixed aliasing to cdrom device.
Fixed loading config files and error exit.
Add new options for user mounting and ignoring link in scanning.
CD Scan v1.0 is Windows program for scanning CD/DVDs.

This is may first program of this kind and I don't have source code anymore. Originally is written for windows 95/98, but it can work on newer windows, however there is installation glitch with shorcut on new Windows (like XP). Problem is that you can't run program from these installed shortcuts on desktop or start menu. You must go to installation directory (default C:\Program Files\CD scan) and run program from there or create shortcut manually.


These programs are discontinued from future development, because there are other programs to perform the same work, like CD/DVD check tools.

Future version of CD scan program will be reprogrammed in fusion of CD/DVD check and catalog program. In this manner you can with one click test CD/DVD integrity and compare files on media with those in database.

There will be also option for marking DC (Direct Connect) download lists to see what you already have on your CD/DVD media or HDD.


Miceks GTK Theme

Screen shot-320 Kb
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[For Linux] [For Windows]
Miceks GTK Theme
Tar-gzip archive file, 101473 hits so far.
File name: Micek-GTK_theme.0.1.tar.gz
File size:85.28 kB - 87322 Bytes Update: 20 May 2000
Md5sum: 9e358aa3421f2ba6dbc709b4ec051199

Miceks GTK Theme is final theme with some pieces of my Enlightenment and KDE themes. I didn't put Enlightenment theme because changes are too often and Enlightenment like KDE don't have nothing like what GTK and GNOME have.
So I give up from Enlightenment and KDE theme and build this GTK theme.
Why? Hm... I must say that GNOME and GTK are just better than Enlightenment or KDE, it's faster and you can work normally with some nice theme :-).
This theme is under GPL license. Background from screenshot is not included in this theme and it's copyright by Satoshi "Toy" Igarashi/ToyBox Arts. You can download background picture at
You can run this theme with gtk 1.2 or higher.
Of course I'm not mac fan, just like the picture.


Screen shot-13 Kb
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[For Linux]
Source archive file, 101448 hits so far.
File name: tmount-1.1.src.tar.gz
File size:16.82 kB - 17225 Bytes Update: 27 Jul 1999
Md5sum: dbc31679604ed6f43b350af68c26905e

Tmount is text based color/mono mount/unmount menu program.
Why I wrote it? It's simple, while I have 7 partitions on disk, 5 all time mouted and 2 partitions for casual mounting (backup etc.), there was no problem with mounting.
Now, after making new partitions, I have 13 partitions, 5 all time mounted and 8 for casual mounting.
I really don't have intention to remember what partition goes to which mount point, of course I can solve that problem thru fstab file in /etc.
But I like to have menu and just press key to mount/umount or scan partition for errors etc.
In version 1.1 I fix all bugs and make better user interface.
This version use ncurses library and it's 100% compatible with all terminals.

Cgi search server

Screen shot-142 Kb
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[For Linux] [For Windows]
Cgi search server
Source archive file, 101480 hits so far.
File name: search.cgi_0.1.7.tar.gz
File size:82.93 kB - 84920 Bytes Update: 6 Feb 2000
Md5sum: 802a0a793bb4a37a9c87f7a93ff6462e

This is cgi search server, I made it universal for all.
If someone want port it to Widnows, I wish him very good luck because database program depends on Unix program lynx.
Cgi server must work 100% on all Unix platforms!
Database program is optimized and cgi results are formatted to look nice
(see screenshot on the left). Database program is integrated into robot which retrieves pages from urls and maintains database.
Requirements: lynx program version >= 2.7.1.

Type of search:AND, OR, NOT, Substring, Match/Ignore case
Measured speed on Pentium 200 MMX under Debian GNU linux 2.0:

Faster search (Match case, regular words of all types):
237 000 words per second - 1 713 900 letters per second
Slower search (Ignore case, substring words of all types):
162 200 words per second - 1 172 600 letters per second


Arena map

Screen shot-50 Kb
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[For Windows]
Arena map
Zip archive file, 101503 hits so far.
File name:
File size:11.51 kB - 11783 Bytes Update: 10 Jul 1998
Md5sum: 8bdc979cd81b75e078058a985245e180

This is dukematch level, for game Duke Nukem 3D.
Some of my friends play this level and they thing it's great level.
I make this level because I can't find level for death match that corresponding of my way playing death match.
On this level it's lots of funny things, but see level info:
Place for hide : None.
Stop and shoot : Not recommend.
Action : Run and kill.
Weapons : Pistol, Shot gun and Machine gun.
Items : Health, body armor, bullets.
Required skill : Very good and Excellent.
Longest living time with full traps activated: 11 seconds.


What's that ???
Md5sum is program that checks some file and gives his 32 bit CRC check.
It's useful when you download images, movies, splited or any other files to check they integrity.
Md5sum can be used on all files of any type and structure. On Linux and most other Unix platforms you get it by default.

How to use it?
Type in terminal/dos prompt: md5sum and name of downloaded file. After checking file it returns his 32 bit crc hex number.
If the numbers are identical then file was successfully downloaded, but if aren't then file is probably damaged or incomplete.
If you need this for windows download it at
Some other programs can also check it like Parchive, download from:
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