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Me, myself and I
Full name:Silvio Klaić
Born:December 1975.
Education:In high school I went to mechanical and electrical engineering and finished mathematics gymnasium, then studied physics, math and graduated computer science.
It is interesting that I have attended several different schools, due to combination of circumstances, whether it was elementary, high school or faculty.
It has provided me with a fairly wide range of knowledge and insights how things work at many different levels.
Work:I work for years as a lecturer for almost all age groups in the field of information technology, including different operating systems, programs and programming languages.
I program different things, from classic C / C ++ programs, databases to web applications.
In addition, I do the work of servicing the computers and other user electronics from the level of part replacements to the repair at the component level.
Various jobs give me a good dynamics in developing skills and experiences.
It is never boring, I always have something new to learn.
Goals and interests:The life goal is to achieve an abundance of resources and time for my interests.
The primary interest is the transfer of knowledge to others, because the limitation of knowledge and the limitation of its dissemination impedes everything.
Other interests are researching technologies to improve the quality of life in the areas of electronics / electrical, physics, ecology, health and spiritual development.

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