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Welcome to my forum.
« on: October 27, 2010, 01:14:30 PM »
Welcome to my forum.
You are now in general discussion category which is public section of forum, available to everybody.
If you wish to post something on any sections like electronics, freeware, etc. you must be registered first.
Some boards are locked even for registered users. For access to them you need my permission.
Usually these boards are for development and they are available only to those who are in the development of specific board theme.
If and when development is finish to some point, parts of discussion in these boards will become available to registered users and/or publicly.

I plan to write on forum as often as I can, depends how often I’ll find free time to do it.
Usually that would be ideas and links to other sites, forums etc, until I got enough material to start new project.

If you have some question about anything presented on my web page and you think that others may be interested in it too, please post it to forum in category which belongs to.
For other private questions, send me e-mail or private message in forum.

Please, feel free to register.
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