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Input and output number of coils Input and output number of coils Input and output wire thickness Input and output wire thickness Calculate button Options button Exit button Click on region from which you want help or see below.

Input and output number of coils

In these lists are displayed number of coils for each requested voltage.
That number is fixed! Don't increase or decrease it for assembling the coil.
During calculations, there is added 6% more on number of coils to compensate lost during transforming.
If you building transformer with symmetrical power supply, use two wires for quill rather than one wire and two different quills.

Input and output wire thickness

In these lists are displayed thickness of wires for coil.
You can round that number, it isn't fixed.
Usually thicknesses of manufactured wires are: 0.05mm, 0.1mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm, 0.25mm etc.
They go by factor of 0.05 millimeters. I suggest that in rounding use +/-0.03 as break point.
That means, form 0mm to 0.029mm round to 0mm, 0.03mm to 0.079mm round to 0.05mm, 0.08mm to 0.129mm round to 0.1mm, etc.
Eg. 0.028mm round to 0mm (not possible for quill), 1.07mm round to 1.05mm, etc.
Of course if you have some experience in building transformer, then you know that in some cases you can round 1.07mm to 1mm or 1.1mm depending on requested output power and size of EI core.
WARNING: difference of 0.1mm is very big and it could mean difference from life and death, use with care!

Calculate button

Use this button to make calculation or recalculation of some values if you select unlock coil option in options.
If calculation is impossible, current power is displayed and program return message about error in calculation.

Options button

Options popup menu Clicking on options button there's shown popup menu (see picture on left) with:
About item, which provides short copyright information and program version.
Help item, which should run web browser and load this help.
After those items, there are options for locking and unlocking coil calculations.
By default coils are locked and there isn't possible to use check box in output lists.
On the left by the option there is point for marking what option is current selected.

Exit button

Use this button to close and exit from this program.

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