Core Info
Transformer IE core square dimension
Transformer IE core square dimension
Height and Width of core intersection Maximum power of core Click on region from which you want help or see below.

[Core intersection] Power of transformer is calculating from square of it's EI core.
Dimensions for height and width are taken from core intersection, on left image is with white square marked section which is used for measurement.
There is shown only "W" and "U" profile of EI core.

Height and Width of core intersection

Use middle for "W" profiled or one of side in "U" profiled intersection to measurement height and width.
Write measured data in millimeters and try to be precise in measurement, it is big difference in one millimeter.

Maximum power of core

While you change size of intersection, maximum power of core which it can provide is displayed.
If your request for output power is bigger than here displayed, background color will change from green to red.
You can change size of intersection and when size provide bigger power of requested it become green again.
Green background color indicates that you can with current calculations build transformer.
Opposite of that, red color indicates that you can't use this size of intersection for building transformer.

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