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Assembling Diode/OCR addon device

This is assembling instructions for Diode/OCR addon device that is connected on test socket at IC Tester device.
With this addon you can test if regular diodes and LEDs working, which pin is what and test if OCR elements (thyristors and triacs) working.

Step 1:
We need to get parts for addon board. Here is list of all parts for addon board:

Part No Part Type Amount required
T1-3BC 5473
R1-3330 Ohm3
SOC13 pin female single lined connector1
CONN1, CONN28 pin male single lined connector2
Other3 color wires15 cm
Othercolor crocodile clamps3
Other3 pin male single lined connector1

Step 2:
Making board, you have under download section Diode/OCR addon part where is PDF document in which are printed board layout. Print it out and make board.
On picture below is addon schematic:

Diode/OCR addon schematic

This addon is designed for checking if there's positive current present. R-T combination on each test pin is activated when positive signal is present. In that case now we can tell if positive current passing thru diode to other side or thru OCR element.

Step 3:
Soldering elements to board.

Diode/OCR addon elements

On upper picture is silkscreen layer with position of elements on Diode/OCR addon board.
Now here is suggested soldering guide:
  1. Solder all resistors (R1-3) to board.
  2. Solder test socket SOC1.
  3. Now solder transistors in this order: T1, T2 and T3
  4. Next solder CONN1 and CONN2 but from below on copper side.
See next pictures below how it looks like.

Diode/OCR addon with soldered elements

On picture above you have how looks soldered all elements. As you can see CONN1 and CONN2 are soldered from bottom.

Diode/OCR addon from bottom

Step 4:
Making clamps for testing.
Standard diodes as OCR elements you can connect at addon test socket (SOC1), but larger which are more powerful elements can not. So here is how you can make clamps for those elements to easy connect it at test socket.

Diode/OCR addon clamps

You can use three different color clamps and if possible wires in the same color. Solder it together with 3 pin male single lined connector and now you can connect it to addon test socket and on larger element.

Step 5:
Connecting Diode/OCR addon on IC Tester test socket is identical as connecting tested IC, see picture below.

Diode/OCR addon on IC Tester socket

O.K. that's it, now go to Testing OCR addon section and perform full test on Diode/OCR addon device to make sure that everything working fine.
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